"Does Lisa ever post a restaurant review with a rating lower than 4/5?"

Just a side note...

I've been approached in the past and have thought about this topic recently.  A friend asked me "where are the bad ratings, Lis?"  It's not that I haven't had any bad dining experiences, because trust me I have... whether it's bad service, bad food or a combination of both.  But, it usually takes me a while to write one blog and I'm usually more excited to share the good experiences and not the bad.  When I like a place, I want to share it with everyone because I want them to be in the food heaven that I was in when I dined at a good restaurant.  The rating system isn't all that scientific or specific anyway, so take it with a grain of salt.  It just acts as a quick reference for those that want a quick look into what a place has to offer... somewhat like a Clif'sf notes version.  Plus, even if i have a bad experience at a restaurant, I typically want to give it a second try before I strike it off my "go-to" list for restaurants.

With that, I leave you to continue to enjoy my four and up rating blogs.... just kidding.  I'm sure I'll eventually post one that's below.  Who knows? I might even have one that's below four but I'm too lazy to look back to all my posts to check. 

Eat, drink, and support local. 

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