02.09.13 Brunch. Simple Cafe (Lower East Side. Milwaukee, WI)

So, yeah, told you I'd be back... and brought Eddie and Jen with me this time to introduce them to the lovely Simple Cafe.  I won't go into all the details about the space and the service as it is pretty darn similar to the last blog.  This shows consistency with visits, which is good.  This time, they immediately sat us at one of the larger front tables and called them the community tables.  Some may not like this as you can be sitting immediately next to another group if it's a crowded time.  But, I typically don't mind this because it can open up to the opportunity to making a new friend.  And, friends are good.  

Jen and I ordered coffee and Eddie was content with water.  When Jen said she wanted milk, the server provided options for one or two percent or soy milk.  Lots of options.  

Let's get into the nitty gritty. 

Jen's pick.
Details:  Roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, baby spinach, tofu, zucchini, topped with two eggs any style (ordered over medium) and a side of wheat toast that she passed off to Eddie.  $9.95

Squash, sweet potato, tofu, and zucchini hash with two over medium eggs.
What she thought: The color to the hash was beautiful with all the different veggies mixed in.  Definitely a healthier option.  She enjoyed it.  Asked for a side of ketchup to eat with it.  Without it, it would be a little dry/bland.  This is usually why I get my eggs over medium.  The tofu was firm and lightly sauteed.  It didn't have a lot of flavor if you ate it separate from the remaining ingredients in the hash, but, that's not the intention of a hash right?  When the ingredients were eaten together in one bite, it was a nice combination.  A recommendation that I provided was to perhaps pour a little of the maple syrup on the hash for a little special kick. 
Two egg platter with Canadian bacon, Simple potatoes and wheat toast.

Eddie's pick.
Details: Simple egg platter with eggs scrambled, Canadian bacon and wheat toast with a side of Simple potatoes.  $7.95

What he thought:  He thought it was good.  It came with three pieces of what appeared to be pan sauteed/fried Canadian bacon that was thinly sliced.  The scrambled eggs were fluffy and not overcooked.  He enjoyed his meal so much that he already thought of inviting other people to come check it out. 

What I chose.
Details: Pumpkin Pancakes.  Buttermilk pancakes with roasted pumpkin and toasted pumpkin seed crumble, dusted with cinnamon powdered sugar.  $8.25 and a side of Bacon $2.50'ish.

Pumpkin pancakes and side of extra crispy bacon.
What I thought:  As expected, it was a like a dessert.  It was sweet and needed minimal syrup... or maybe the light syrup is just my preference.  The pancakes are moist and prepared well.  The spices are light and not overpowering unlike some pumpkin/squash/carrot baked goods can be.  The crumble and toasted pumpkin seeds added a nice texture to the bites.   I often can't go with just pancakes and that's why I ordered a side of extra crispy bacon.  The bacon wasn't necessarily thick cut but it wasn't thin and flimsy.  It was prepared as ordered, nice and crispy and no soggy parts.  It was a hearty serving of pancakes which provided an opportunity for left overs.  Some can't do left over pancakes but I love 'em. 

As we were finishing up our meals, I noticed outside and coming through the door a familiar face.  Four of our friends came through and into the restaurant per a recommendation I provided them a week ago after my first Simple Cafe adventure.  It was a nice surprise as I haven't seen a few of them in a while.  This is a situation in which the community table was PERFECT!  They joined our table.  Of course, we talked about the food for at least 10 minutes or so and, I stayed to see what they would order and what they thought.  Heather ordered the Korean breakfast bowl and a twinge of jealousy came over me.  I will definitely get that next time. All were intrigued by the Korean dish and it was topic of conversation for a while.  From the positive responses I heard (yes, I was eaves dropping) the Korean breakfast bowl was the highlight of their group's dishes. 

I think all enjoyed and may all go back again.  I know I will. Korean breakfast bowl... get ready for me.

P.S.  No rating for this one as it would be redundant to the last rating for Simple Cafe. 

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