6.3.11 Dinner. Comet Cafe (Lower East Side. Milwaukee, WI)

It was a Friday after work and I needed a drink after a busy busy day.   I made some calls to see if anyone would join me for a beverage.  Ben was riding down by the lake and Jamie was just leaving for a run and said she'd meet up.  Oh yeah... my friends are kind of a big deal.   Getting in shape and here I am tempting them to come out and be gluttons.  Of course, we ended up going to Comet Cafe.    Ben and I met at Comet and Jamie then joined us after her run. 

It was such a nice day out that we decided to sit outside and there wasn't any wait since it was still before the dinner rush, around 5ish.  The outside seats at Comet are along the sidewalk and provide great people watching of  the diverse East Side.  As we sat outside, it did get a little breezy and sitting under the table umbrella made it a tad chilly but doable.  Inside, there were many tables available when we first got there but people did flow in at a steady pace.  Friday at Comet can get oh so busy.  Typically serves the typical East Side crowd but brings in all types of people... families, married couples, college students, etc.

I thought it'd be smart to fill you in and provide you  my history with Comet.  You'll notice that I may be less detailed about the restaurant because I've been to this establishment many times since moving to my current residency.  It was love at first sight.  I knew that this would be my Cheers bar from Cheers, my Max from Saved by the Bell, my Peach Pit from 90210... shall I go on?  Didn't think so.   I frequent this place often ut not often enough for everyone to know my name.  Getting there though.  During one of the first few times I went to Comet, I came up with a mission that I would not get any of the menu items twice until I've tried everything once.  I chose the mission and have stuck to it since July 2010.  If I'm motivated enough, I may get really gung ho and do a review of all the foods that I've had from their menu.  I guess only time will tell.  But, you take a quick glance at the menu and you'll notice all comfort food with an attitude.   Anyway, lets move on with the review. 

Front: Bell's Oberon Ale, Rear:  Chatoe Rogue OREgasmic Ale
While waiting for Jamie, Ben and I ordered a drink.  Comet boasts a great beer list, frequently changing draft beers, wine and various classic and unique mixed drinks.  Ben and I took advantage of the Beermergency Happy Hour special of $1 off all taps (excluding those with an asterics).  They also have $1 bottles of old style.  This runs Monday through Friday, 3:30pm to 6:30pm.  Ben chose Chatoe Rogue First Growth OREgasmic Ale.  I picked the Bells Oberon Ale (one of my favorite brews for summer).  I thought mine was oh so fresh and so clean clean.  Ben liked his.  I thought has had a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The server was one that we often had.  Ben actually went to school with him.  He is always friendly and helpful.  Jamie, and her oh so motivated self, eventually met up with us.  She passed on food and a beverage and just chose to re-hydrate with water... she was jealous of us I'm sure.  Let's get on to the food. Shall we?

Vegan Chili with Noodles
Ben's up
Details: Friday Fish Fry Everyday which includes hand-battered cod, fries, coleslaw, rye toast and tartar sauce.  Ben chose the vegan chili with noodles as his starter.  (Entrees come with choice of soup or salad.) $10

Friday Fish Fry Everyday
Ben's thoughts: Chili is thicker than a typical chili.  Has a little spice to it.  Nice tomato flavor.  Noodles are both on the bottom and top so it's distributed nicely.  Ben added Sriracha since he likes the spice.  Chili itself has a little bite though (from my personal point of view as I have had it in the past).  Ben often gets this as he's "always liked their chili."  Chili is hearty.  Fish itself was crispy on the outside yet not dry or overcooked.  Not greasy at all.  Tartar tasted homemade and a thinner consistency.   Nice manageable sized pieces of fish. Coleslaw is mayo based.  Nobody tasted it because Ben "doesn't get down on coleslaw"and I wasn't in the mood for it.  Rye bread comes has a salted crust and comes toasted.  Jamie chimed in as Ben was providing me his thoughts and stated that she thinks it's one of the best fish frys in town...kind of a big deal. 

Small House Salad with side of ranch
My turn
Details: Buffalo Grilled Chicken Sandwich with small house salad with side of ranch instead of fries.  The sandwich came with tomato, lettuce and Hooks Creamery blue cheese sauce and served on a ciabatta bread.  $9 plus $1 for salad substitution.

Buffalo Grilled Chicken Sandwich
My thoughts: First bite, oh so juicy.  So juicy that it's probably not a first date type of food.  Gets a tad messy.  Especially if you try to cut it.  I recommend that you keep it in one piece or ask for a sharper knife prior to tackling that challenge.  I failed at that. Thank God I took a picture before going all Machete on it.  Runny blue cheese sauce.  Strong blue cheese flavor.  Flavor warning... if you don't dig blue cheese, I wouldn't recommend this sandwich or ask to get it on the side.  Although, the delicious buffalo spice balances the blue cheese out.  The spice isn't too hot but definitely hits you in the back of the throat to the point that it makes you clear your throat after a few bites.  The ciabatta is where it's at.  Nice and soft and chewy and great flavor just like a ciabatta should be. Salad is a salad but will note that it is very fresh.  Ranch is to die for.  Cucumber'ish ranch.  Thinner consistency.   Always a good dipping sauce. 

Other factors to keep in mind:
-Slow food: don't anticipate fast service or a short wait during prime meal times.  This place prides itself in good quality food that sometimes takes time to prepare. They don't mess...  Most definitely worth the wait.
-Various daily specials for both food and drink
-Fish fry is everyday... not just Friday.
-Breakfast is served everyday until 3pm.  (does not include all the Brunch items though)
-Homemade cupcakes and pies.
-Great people watching!
-Friendly service.
-Bar side and diner side available.  Outside seating can only accommodate 3 to a table.

Do keep in mind that Comet is one of my all time favorite places in Milwaukee to go.  So, I'm sure this is somewhat biased... I'll definitely admit that.  But, it's pretty darn amazing.  They've even been visited by the awesome Guy Fieri from Triple D (Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) from the food network.  So, obviously it's worth your time then.  Well, I know I would go anywhere Guy has been.  Loves.  Catch the Triple D clip on YouTube!

Comet Cafe
1947 N Farwell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202 
(414) 273-7677
Monday - Thursday 10:30am-2am
Friday 10:30am - 2:30am
Saturday 9am - 230am
Sunday 9am - 2am
Food service ends at 10pm nightly
Happy Hour M-F 3:30 - 6:30pm
Daily Drink Specials start at 6:30pm

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