6.1.11 Dinner. Lulu - Cafe and Cocktails (Bay View. Milwaukee, WI)

 Both the cafe (left) and the bar (right) side.

It was a gorgeous day so Jamie and I planned a long bike ride.  First long bike ride of the summer while being clipped in.  Of course, when we plan a long bike ride, eating is usually involved.  I always say, "I work out so I can eat what I want."  Too bad I'm eating more than working out lately.  Anyway, we chose Lulu because we had a coaster to use from our City Tin (which we didn't end up using because didn't meet the $25 dollar minimum to use it... more reason to go back!).  After cycling about 15 miles, we decide to eat.

View from our table (front to back of restaurant.
It was around 8pm and we come trotting into the restaurant in our cycling gear.  Hard core for sure.  Their larger front windows were open so definitely requested a seat by the window to get some air after our ride.  Wasn't super busy and we were able to get a table right away.  We both ordered waters because we were just parched.  The atmosphere was real chill.  Earthy tones on the walls and the bar.  Various pieces of abstract art by local artists decorated the walls.   Different types of music were played while we were there.  All were pretty chill but got my toes tapping.  It was a good volume when we first got there.  Jamie made a lovely observation that as we were there longer, it became more crowded and the music got a little louder.  So, keep that in mind if you are in the mood for some meaningful conversation.

First look at the menu I thought, "Oh no, lots of options.  Not good for captain indecisive."  Seemed like Middle Eastern flare was a common theme in all the categories.  I was pretty chatty at dinner for some reason... endorphins from the ride maybe? Who knows.  Very interactive with the server during this trip.  She was super nice.  Asked her for her thoughts on the pitas.  She gave us her run down on the pitas.  In a nutshell, she pretty much liked every one and by the time she was done talking except for the falafel and the East Indian chicken pita.  She did mention that if there was something we liked the sound of but wanted it in pita form or sand which form, we could get it.  Very flexible with the menu which is nice. But, adds even more options!  Overwhelming.  So, after hearing her opinions, I narrowed it down to two things.  The Smokehouse Burger or the K.K. Philly.  (Make note, neither of them are a pita.)  Maybe it's because I was in a good mood or, just really indecisive, I let the server choose one of the two options for me and make it a surprise.  It's like Christmas all over again.   I did give her details regarding temp for the burger and the sides I'd want (the homemade chips with a side of their bleu sauce AND the Asian slaw.  Yes, you can get both.  Loves it.).

Oh right, this is a food blog...

Jamie's first. Just keep in mind... Jamie did make the comment, "I'm not going to talk food much."  I think she was tired?  (You'll see how much she kept to her word when we get to her thoughts on the meal. Hint. Hint.)
Mediterranean Steak Pita, Bleu Lulu and Asian Slaw
Details:  Mediterranean Steak Pita. Side of both the asian slaw and the bleu Lulu (homemade chips and bleu cheese sauce). Pita had sliced grilled flank steak and a tomato and kalamata olive relish.  $9.25

Jamie's Thoughts:  Enjoyed that that tomato and olives were marinated.  The pita overall was full of flavor.  But, big con... no sauce.  No sauce is pretty much a sin when it comes to food with Jamie.  And, I would have to agree with her on that one.  Nobody wants dry food.  But, by no means was this a dry pita, just needed something more.  Steak was a good temp.  Medium to medium well.  Eventually added some cucumber sauce that they had available and it "took it up a notch."  If she didn't get the sauce, may have had a hard time really enjoying it.  Nice even distribution of the toppings.  A little bit in every bite.  Feta ALERT.  Per Jamie, if you don't like feta, don't get this sandwich because there was a good amount of it.  Or, maybe get it on the side?  Chips are crisp but not burnt, as some restaurants do with their own chips.

My turn...my turn
The Smokehouse Burger, Bleu Lulu, Asian Slaw
Details: Smokehouse Burger which is seasoned with smoky blend of spices, topped with sharp cheddar, bacon and onion.  Side of both the asian slaw and the bleu Lulu.  The server brought it over and said "I'm a burger gal" about herself.  I was excited.  $10.75

My Thoughts:  No sauce on the burger.  So, of course, I asked for bbq sauce.  cheddar plus bacon equals bbq sauce for sure.  First bite into the burger and it was MIND BLOWING.   Totally a kick in the mouth of great flavor.  Perfect temp.  Asked for medium and it was actually a medium.  I find that rare.  Usually overcooked.  Bun to meat ratio was up to par for me.  I don't want all bun and no meat yet on the other hand, want little tiny soggy pieces of bread on my burger either.  This softer egg wash bun was delish!   The burger was very juicy.  I think I let out a little groan of happiness with every bite.  Really enjoyed the asian slaw.  Oil based like most asian slawsBleu sauce with the chips is a nice addition.  Not to blue cheesy. 

Other factors to keep in mind:
- Jamie's head was darting back and forth like it was her job looking for our server to try to get her attention to get the sauce for her pita.  Slight lag in quality check.
- Get there at a later time, let's say around 9pm, may be a little louder like a bar type scene.  So, keep that in mind.
- Wednesday night observation... $10 off bottles of wine.  But, we didn't get it.  Don't drink and ride.  (Or, eat and ride.  Had a slight side cramp on the ride home.  No good... No good.)
-Side notes on the food: they serve brunch (my favorite pastime), gluten free options available (yeah Jen!  get it!) , vegetarian friendly, don't get the slaw if you're allergic to peanuts.  They make their own pies daily... mmm love pie.
- Do note the bottom of the menu under "Here's how it works..."  There is a $2 split charge.

I really really like this place.  Almost wish it were closer to where I lived.  Really though, it's not that far.  The food was so delicious.  I really don't have a complaint about my meal.  But, Jamie did mention that she wonders if the reason I liked it so much was because I was just famished after the 15 miles we just rode.  Could be, but, being the second time I've ever been there, I has been consistent.

Lulu Cafe and Cocktails
2261 and 2265 South Howell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Kitchen and Cafe
Mon-Thur: 11am - 10pm
Fri and Sat: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: 11am - 9pm
Daily: opens at 11am

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