Food Blog Resuscitated

So, my blog went on a little hiatus.  Not a planned one but things got busy and the drive and fire to blog was gone for a bit.  Plus, it takes me a while to blog about something because I’m somewhat a perfectionist. Some of that may have to suffer in order to be more timely with posts.  Or, I shouldn’t think I should post about every doggone place I go… especially since I do eat out a lot... ask anyone I know.     

I recently went out to Odd Duck in Bay View and was highly satisfied with my meal there.  It was so good that I wanted to post about it.

 People have been inquiring about any places I didn’t like.  There are those places that provide a sub-par experience.  But, isn’t it a lot more fun to rave about a good experience?  I think so.  I’m not saying I won’t post about one of my not so good experience but, for now, I can’t help but talk about my Odd Duck experience.  Just a little teaser for you… Live, laugh, love food.

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