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Ya know, I was having a hard time deciding how to really go about this blog.   I pretty much want it to be perfect but I've gotten to the point where, I just want to get it rolling.  So, hold on tight and get pumped for some local Milwaukee goodness.

Some consider me the "go to" person on where to eat in Milwaukee.  For those who work with me and hang out with me, I tend to voice my thoughts on new dining adventures whether they ask for it or not.  Why not start a blog so that people can access my food thoughts all the time? I mean, I'd want to read it so why wouldn't everyone else?  By everyone, I mean a handful of my friends and if I'm lucky their friends and family.  But who knows, this could get big...  let's cross our fingers.  

So, I tend to eat out a couple if not a few times each week.  Yes, I'm going to admit, I have my favorites... *cough cough* The Comet Cafe.  But, I've tried to expand my horizons and try new places... with the help of other food loving friends.  So, you'll see some duplicate locations but each time I hope to review something different. 

Feel free to comment, share your thoughts, your experiences, questions and ideas.  I like sharing. 

Read. Eat. Be Happy.

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